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Old Nueces Cemetery


Nuecestown ("The Motts") was established in 1852 by H.L. Kinney. The town, 12 miles from Corpus Christi on the Nueces, in its bustling prime had a stagecoach inn, a ferry, a meat-packing plant, a cotton gin, a general store and one of the largest schools in Nueces County. The village is still remembered for the famous bandit raid in 1875, called the Nuecestown Raid or the Noakes Raid. It was the home of Thomas J. Noakes, whose store was burned in the raid. Like Sharpsburg, Nuecestown lost its businesses and citizens to Calallen.


This cemetary is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. It is one of the original cemetaries in Corpus Christi. (Formerly known as Nueces Town) We only caught this one picture there.

This was taken at the Old NuecesTown Cemetery.
In the tree to the left there seems to be a woman hanging.





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