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Ward - Mc Campbell Heritage House




Corpus Christi Paranormal and our former partnership CCSC

Were honored to be the FIRST paranormal groups granted permission by the City Of Corpus Christi

Parks and Recreation Services allowed to conduct a paranormal investigation in this wonderfully

prestigious and history filled home.


Special Thanks to:

Dr. Valadez for his openmindedness toward this endeavor.

Mr. J. Simon for his patience and making time for us on more than one occassion.

K. Conner for listening to an idea and helping to make it a reality.

KRIS TV channel 6 , Aaron Drawhorn and their photographer Mark M . { we had a GREAT time}

for accompanying us on this investigation .

Last but not least

Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Historical Information

Mary Alice Ward McCampbell, widow of Nueces County Attorney William Berry McCampbell, built this house around 1908 on Water Street, a few feet from Corpus Christi Bay. The seawall, which now protects downtown Corpus Christi from flood tides, was not completed until 1941. In 1919, a hurricane came in suddenly and the storm tides isolated residents of Old Irishtown from the Bluff’s high ground. Mary Ward McCampbell and her three sons watched the storm from this house. As the tides rose, they fled to the second floor and watched the flood waters rise over 20 feet to the second story porch. They later recalled seeing entire houses, dead animals, and debris flow past the porch. Early in 1920, Mary McCampbell died of pneumonia; her family said she contracted while standing watch on the porch during the storm. Her eldest son, William Ward, sold the house to his cousin in 1921. The Ionic capital, lattice enclosures and wraparound porches are typical of the Classic Revival architecture. The house was donated to the City in 1983 and moved from its original site one block away. It has been restored by the Irish Cultural House, Inc. for offices and meeting rooms.


Investigators Present

CCPG - Beckie , Connie , Christy, Bradley, Ron

CCSC - Margaret, Monty, Al, Ray


Investigation Report

On October 14th , We arrived at the home at 7:30 pm to set up equipment.

Equipment used in this investgation was:

1 - Stationary IR cam system

2 - Sony Hi 8 video recorders

1 -Mini dvd video recorder

5 - Digital Voice Recorders

Various digital cameras of different makes and models.

The investigation began approximately at 9:30 p.m.

Investigators split up and walked around house taking emf and temp readings trying to find any differentials. Some of the other investigators began taking photos after rotating the upstairs and downstair areas , all investigators left the house and allowed the equipment to record the house empty of all people for approximately 45 minutes. We re entered the home and once again began to take photos and recordings when we experienced a huge "boom" at which time we all stopped investigating and tried to find the source of the noise. Unsucessful in our attempt to find the source of the noise we resumed the investigation. Bradley reported, as himself and Ron sat in the attic, the door opened on it's on. Margaret of CCSC reported seeing a " person " going down the rear stairwell, but after a complete account of everyones whereabouts no one was on that stairwell. Reports from employess in the house were they had to lock the attic door because it kept opening on it's own.

The investigation ended at 11 p.m. and we were headed into a couple of days of going over evidence.


Here are some pictures from the investigation. CCPG wants to express that just because there are orbs in the picture, it DOES NOT constitute paranormal activity.

Although we did not catch anything paranormal in our photos we would like to share some of the house photos with you.





Video Clip Of Attic Door Opening On It's Own.



 Click here to hear 'laughmccamp'


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